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Massimiliano Scuro

Massimiliano Scuro


Civil Engineer

Area of expertise

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Design of underground structures, slope stability analysis and structural design.

Analysis of the behavior of structures under static and seismic conditions.

Recent experience

Mr. Scuro is a founding partner of the Cotecchia & Associates engineering firm, founded in January 2014. The main activities carried out by Mr. Scuro as part of the Cotecchia & Associates concern the definition of investigation plans for the geotechnical characterization of soils and rocks, the hydrogeological characterization and environmental characterization of contaminated sites; geotechnical and structural design of civil engineering projects such as tunnels, underground structures and geotechnical consolidation for soils and rocks; numerical simulations with the Finite Element Method and Finite Difference Method in the geotechnical, structural and hydrogeological fields, maritime engineering structures, site supervision.

Previous experiences

For 10 years (from 2004-2014), Mr. Scuro was an employee of Prof. Vincenzo Cotecchia, owner of the technical civil and environmental engineering studio. Within the Cotecchia’s studio, Mr. Scuro worked on the geotechnical and structural design of major civil engineering works, such as tunnels, underground structures and deep and shallow foundations. dams in loose materials, marine works, special structures and the development of computational models aimed at the verification of design hypotheses.

The collaboration also involved the planning of the geotechnical consolidation of slopes, both in soil and rock, through the design of actions carried out with regards to soil and rock mechanics methods. During the long period of experience with the Cotecchia’s Studio, Mr. Scuro also gained considerable experience in the field of geological and numerical modelling of filtration processes and transport of pollutants, including in the presence of variable density fluids. With particular reference to the phenomenon of saltwater intrusion in aquifers, Mr. Scuro has performed numerical modelling of groundwater from DEMs and in GIS.

Mr. Scuro has been responsible for the geotechnical investigation and characterization. He performed soil-structure interaction analyses with application of advanced computational methods such as the Finite Element Method. As part of his role in works management, Mr Scuro has often be in charge as Assistant Director of Works, in particular with regards to the site monitoring and measurement implementation.

Mr. Scuro has contributed on writing and editing a Cotecchia’s Monograph titled “The groundwater and the seawater introusion in Apulia: from research to the emergency in the safeguard of the water resource”. The purpose of this Monograph, founded by the Infrastructure Ministry (General Directorate for Dams, Water and Electrical Infrastructures), was to present a current situation of aquifers in Apulia region.

Professional bodies

Member of the Italian Chamber of Civil Engineer.

Educational qualifications

MSc Degree in Civil Engineering - Structures cum Laude, Polytechnic University of Bari, 2004.


Italian (Mother Tongue)

English (Basic Level)